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Will Overtime Pay Disappear Soon?

By Robert S. Norell |

In May, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill that could result in employees feeling pressured to give up their right to overtime in exchange for “comp time,” or compensatory time off.  The legislation—titled the “Working Families Flexibility Act of 2017”—still may not pass the Senate, as Democrats have gone on record stating… Read More »


Important Florida Case Involving the H-2A Visa Program Decided

By Robert S. Norell |

Earlier this month (in May), an important case was decided by a Florida federal district judge. The judge found that a citrus company sued by a class of workers who claimed that they were not paid the proper wages under the H–2A visa program was in fact a (liable) joint employer (along with the… Read More »


Class Action Status Granted To Thousands of Detainees Forced To Work for No Pay

By Robert S. Norell |

Recently a federal judge allowed the lawsuit filed by tens of thousands of immigrants alleging that they were forced to work in violation of federal anti-slavery laws to reach class-action status. This lawsuit—which now involves as many of 60,000 detained immigrants—marks the first class-action lawsuit accusing a U.S. prison (government contractor) of forced labor… Read More »

Administration Defends Labor Law Executive Order

By Robert S. Norell |

The Obama Administration’s “Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces” directive enabled federal agencies to turn away federal contractors with workplace violations, that is, until one federal district court judge blocked it. The order would have gone into effect on November 15th, making a strong statement that companies doing business with the federal government need to… Read More »

What Happens If Your Employer Stops Paying You?

By Robert S. Norell |

In many businesses, payroll is completed through an automated and generally reliable system. Employees can enter their hours online and the information is transferred to a program that automatically calculates the amount of their paycheck based on their rate of pay and hours or overtime worked. The correct pay may then be direct deposited… Read More »

Warehouse Manager Recovers $13,000 in Unpaid Overtime

By Robert S. Norell |

A warehouse manager for a major food distributor recovered $13,000 in unpaid overtime. In this case, the client was a manager who really should have been exempt from overtime. The employer lost the exemption because, while it appeared that the client was paid a salary, in reality he really wasn’t. The employer paid the… Read More »

LPN Recovers $27,500 in Unpaid Overtime

By Robert S. Norell |

A licensed practical nurse working at an acute care facility recovered $27,500 in unpaid overtime. This client’s claim was based on working off the clock, time shaving, and being paid straight time for some overtime hours. In this case, the employer was pretty slick because it did pay some overtime; however, there were many… Read More »

New Tool May Help Florida Employees

By Robert S. Norell |

Many employees throughout Florida have had wages unlawfully withheld and they may not even realize they are not receiving the full pay to which they are entitled under state and federal labor laws. Fortunately, the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) now has a tool that can inform workers if their employer owes them unpaid… Read More »

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