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LPN Recovers $27,500 in Unpaid Overtime

A licensed practical nurse working at an acute care facility recovered $27,500 in unpaid overtime. This client’s claim was based on working off the clock, time shaving, and being paid straight time for some overtime hours. In this case, the employer was pretty slick because it did pay some overtime; however, there were many hours that the client worked past her scheduled shift. Many times the client’s supervisor would clock her out to save labor costs and steal the client’s wages. In addition, the supervisor would access the timekeeping program and change the client’s time, which is commonly referred to as time shaving. Lastly, the employer would pay some overtime hours at straight time in the form of a “bonus.” All of these practices are illegal.

Ultimately this client was properly compensated, but she had to file suit in order to protect her rights and get paid the wages that she earned. Wage theft is an epidemic in Florida and many other states. If you feel that your employer is stealing from you and taking advantage of you, contact an experienced wage and hour attorney to protect your rights and help you get what you deserve.

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