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Robert S. Norell, P.A.
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Florida Overtime & Unpaid Wage Attorney

We focus on all labor and employment matters with specific experience in overtime and wage situations.

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We have successfully helped hundreds of clients in employment law matters.

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Experienced Employment & Wage Attorney

Florida labor, employment and wage attorney Robert S. Norell helps people statewide who have been wrongfully denied overtime or have other wage claims against their employer. We know that you work hard, and you deserve to get paid for the time and effort you put in. At Robert S. Norell, we put in the time and effort to help you retrieve unpaid wages and related costs as fully and as quickly as possible. We focus on all labor and employment matters with specific experience in overtime and wage situations.

Federal law requires employers to pay their employees time and a half for all hours worked over 40 hours per week, unless you fall within an established exemption. Workers may think or be told they are exempt from overtime, but often these employees are misclassified and are unfairly denied overtime pay that belongs to them. If your employer has violated federal law, you may be entitled to past unpaid overtime plus interest, as well as an additional amount equal to the unpaid overtime. It is even possible to have your costs and attorney fees paid for by your employer. Let our Florida employment & overtime attorney help you.

Don’t hesitate to contact us today, we have over 20 years of experience and specialize in the following Florida wage and employment law issues:

Florida Overtime & Unpaid Wage Law

You may be asking, why do I need a private attorney to recover my unpaid wages and/or unpaid overtime? Why not just use the Department of Labor (DOL)? The DOL is a great agency staffed with many great people. However, they are often overworked and understaffed, and sometimes lack the manpower to adequately protect all the employees in this state. Just as significant, the DOL has no direct financial motive to promptly collect your unpaid wages and/or overtime, whereas we do.

Federal and Florida unpaid wage laws allow private attorneys to recover attorney fees from the employer if the employee had to hire an attorney to recover unpaid wages. Attorney’s fees in these claims can sometimes be greater than the unpaid wage claim itself. Because of this, the employer has a greater incentive to resolve an overtime or unpaid wage claim with a private attorney than with the Department of Labor.

Our case load is very manageable so you will receive the personal attention that your unpaid wage claim deserves. Also, we file most of our claims in United States Federal District Court which can vastly improve the efficiency and speed of the recovery process. You pay us nothing unless we get a recovery for you, and our fees come from the recovery itself. Our contingency agreement gives us an incentive to get you everything you are entitled to, which may include liquidated damages, interest, and costs.

Robert S. Norell, Esq. has assisted hundreds of employees with pay problems since 1994, upon graduating from Nova Southeastern University where he earned his Juris Doctorate degree in 1993. Mr. Norell attended the University of Florida and received a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Criminology in 1989. Mr. Norell is a member of the Florida Bar and admitted to practice in the United States District Courts throughout the state of Florida.

Florida Employment Discrimination

Florida state and federal laws protect employees from discrimination and harassment in the workplace based on a number of protected characteristics, including their race, age, sex, disability and religion. Employment anti-discrimination laws cover every aspect of the employment relationship, including hiring, pay, discipline, promotions, transfers, assignments and termination. If you think you are being mistreated in your workplace, we want to hear from you. Remedies for employment discrimination include reinstatement with back pay plus interest, as well as the full range of legal compensatory damages to make up for the harm done to you.

Help from an Experienced Florida Employment Attorney who Truly Cares about Your Case

At the law office of Robert S. Norell, P.A., you will find an experienced Florida employment & overtime attorney who truly cares about his clients and is motivated by a genuine desire to help right wrongs in the workplace and see that workers are treated fairly. Robert Norell and the entire staff at our office are here to help you. You will find our attorney and staff easy to approach and talk to you, and you will be pleased with the rapid response and ongoing communication you will enjoy with our office regarding the status of your case and any questions you have at any time.

In order to make the most of your discrimination or wage claim, it is important to act quickly. Please call 954-617-6017 or contact us online for a no-cost evaluation of your case. We look forward to speaking with you and getting the opportunity to help you with your Florida wage or employment matter.

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