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Category Archives: Overtime


Porky’s Bayside Pays Employees More than $73K for Unpaid Overtime

By Robert S. Norell |

According to the Economic Policy Institute, restaurant employees typically have “very low-wage jobs with few benefits, and many restaurant workers live in poverty or near-poverty.” Many restaurant employees desperately need their jobs because they cannot find other employment. Sadly, some restaurant owners take advantage of their employees’ circumstances by depriving them of the wage… Read More »


Will Overtime Pay Disappear Soon?

By Robert S. Norell |

In May, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill that could result in employees feeling pressured to give up their right to overtime in exchange for “comp time,” or compensatory time off.  The legislation—titled the “Working Families Flexibility Act of 2017”—still may not pass the Senate, as Democrats have gone on record stating… Read More »


Disney Agrees To Pay Close To $4 Million to Florida Employees after Overtime Violations

By Robert S. Norell |

On March 17th, it was announced that Disney agreed to pay $3.8 million in back wages to more than 16,000 Florida employees of the Disney Vacation Club Management Corporation and Walt Disney Parks and Resorts after the U.S. Labor Department’s Wage and Hour Division found that it failed to compensate these employees for work… Read More »


$3.3 Million Verdict against Company for Violating Child Labor Laws

By Robert S. Norell |

It’s an issue we don’t often hear about anymore (and probably haven’t since, perhaps, the industrial revolution): Companies violating child labor laws. And yet, on December 6th, a jury awarded one worker $3.3 million for injuries he sustained while working for a construction company—Precision Construction and Development, Inc.—seven years ago, when he was 15… Read More »

With New Overtime Rules on The Horizon, It’s Time for Businesses to Prepare

By Robert S. Norell |

As legally-mandated changes to the Federal Labor Standards Act—which go into effect on December 1st—are expected to affect the paychecks of over four million workers, businesses owners—especially smaller businesses—are now rushing to figure out how they can ensure that they are in compliance. In fact, it is shocking to see how many executives were… Read More »

Workers Sue for Not Being Classified As Official Employees

By Robert S. Norell |

A lawsuit filed against Amazon.com on October 4th marks the latest case filed against companies for allegedly violating federal labor laws by classifying them as contractors rather than employees, arguably so that the companies can avoid paying overtime compensation for various work-related expenses. This is likely an issue we will see come to the… Read More »

Challenges To The New Overtime Rules

By Robert S. Norell |

We have previously posted about the new federal overtime guidelines set to go into effect on December 1, 2016. While millions of workers throughout the United States have been anxiously awaiting new overtime rights, many employers, legislators, and employer advocacy groups have been aggressively trying to fight the new overtime rules in any way… Read More »

New Federal Overtime Guidelines

By Robert S. Norell |

One of the most common violations of federal and state wage laws in Florida involves denial of adequate overtime payments. Overtime violations can happen in many different ways, including miscalculating the hours an employee worked, misclassifying an employee as exempt from overtime requirements, and more. Whether an overtime violation was intentional or accidental, any… Read More »

Convenience Store Clerk Recovers $14,000 in Overtime

By Robert S. Norell |

A convenience store clerk who worked six days per week, 9 hours each shift, successfully recovered $14,000 in unpaid overtime. The owner of the convenience store paid the clerk only straight time for all hours worked. In addition, the owner paid the clerk in cash and claimed that there were no time records. Employers… Read More »

DOL Changes May Provide Overtime Payments for Many Florida Employees

By Robert S. Norell |

In addition to a minimum hourly wage, employers are required to pay employees time-and-a-half of their regular wage for all overtime hours worked. Overtime regulations are complicated, however, as the law provides many exemptions from the overtime requirement. Some employers take advantage of these exemptions or misinterpret them in order to avoid paying deserving… Read More »

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