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Florida Religious Discrimination Employment Attorney

The freedom to practice your religion and hold your religious beliefs is a bedrock right in our country. Florida religious discrimination employment attorney Robert S. Norell stands up for the rights of workers to be free from religious discrimination. If you are being discriminated against on a religious basis, we can take steps to stop the mistreatment and see that you are compensated for any harm you were caused.

To help protect your right to be free from religious discrimination in the workplace, Congress enacted Title VII of the Civil Rights of 1984. Title VII protects you in your sincerely held religious beliefs regardless of whether you are a member of an established majority or minority religion. You are further protected from unfair treatment because you are married to or associated with someone of a particular religion.

The prohibition against discrimination in employment extends to all facets of the employment relationship, from hiring to firing and everything in between. Besides actual adverse employment decisions based on religion, you are also protected from harassment in the workplace that makes the workplace a hostile or offensive environment to be in.

If you believe that you are being harassed or discriminated against because of your religious beliefs, call Robert S. Norell at 954-617-6017 for a free case evaluation.

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