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Florida Employment Contract Attorney

Employment contracts (also called Employment Agreements, Agreements or various other names), may come in different forms and be created under various circumstances. Contact our Florida employment contract attorney for more information.

Contracts Can Be Written Or Verbal, Formal Or Informal

  • Verbal – Employer promises to hire landscaper and pay $100 for the day. Services are performed but Employer declines to pay. Employee can sue Employer for Breach of Verbal Contract
  • Written – From offer letter to formal written agreements

What Is Breach Of Contract?

Every employee has a contract. Even an “At –Will” employee has a verbal contract to the effect that he will perform services for a sum of money. If the money or benefits are not tendered, the Employee can sue for breach of contract. Employment contracts may create a variety of rights or obligations on the part of employers and/or employees. When contracts are breached by either employees or employers, the non-breaching party may sue for breach of contract.

If you feel you’ve been taken advantage of due to a broken employment contract, please contact our Florida employment agreement attorney at 954-617-6017 or use the contact form to contact Rob Norell to schedule a comprehensive consultation regarding your rights.

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