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Registered Nurse Recovers $148,000 for Florida Private Whistleblower Act Violation


In this case, the client was a registered nurse at a local medical and behavioral treatment center. The client became aware of unlawful medication dispensing amongst her coworkers that was not permitted and violated health care standards. The client immediately reported the incident to her direct supervisor in belief that she was required to do so. After the client reported the incident, the employer put her and the accountable employees on suspension while investigating her claim and threatened reporting the client to the Board of Nursing. This implied that the client was responsible for the very conduct that she reported to the employer. The responsible employees were eventually taken off suspension and brought back to work, but the client remained on administrative suspension without pay and was asked to resign. In an effort to cover up the incident and to prevent reporting illegal activity in the workplace, the employer violated the Florida’s Whistleblower Act. As a result, the client was eventually terminated, suffered wage loss, loss of benefits, emotional distress and more. If you believe that your employer has retaliated against you for opposing illegal practices in the workplace, call employment attorney Robert S. Norell for a free case evaluation.

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