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“Volunteer” Cart Attendant at Golf Course Recovers $26,000 in Unpaid Minimum Wages


In this case, the client worked as an unpaid bag person/cart attendant who performed the following job duties: cleaned and retrieved golf carts, charged/gassed up carts, operated the range ball picker and cleaned range balls, received bags from members and guests, cleaned and distributed water coolers throughout the course, and cleaned member/guests clubs at the end of the round. The client was not paid any wages whatsoever; rather, he earned tips, which he shared with one or two others that he worked with. The right to receive a minimum wage is not to be waived unless agreed upon by the Department of Labor or approved by a court. The client worked about 20 hours per week with no compensation. A business may not allow a volunteer to perform job duties that are normally performed by a paid employee. When golf courses use “volunteers” to perform services, they are depriving the labor market of jobs that should be filled by paid employees. If you are working and not receiving wages, you may be entitled to unpaid wages and liquidated damages. Call wage and hour attorney, Robert S. Norell, for a free case evaluation.

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