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Hotel Restaurant Waitress Recovers $45,000 for Sexual Harassment and Retaliation

In this case, the client was a waitress in a restaurant and bar for over 10 years. The client was sexually harassed and victimized for years by the General Manager. She never spoke up about any of his sexual comments or lewd behavior in the past for fear of losing her job. Once the client complained to HR about the issue, things got much worse for her. The complaint was not thoroughly investigated and was largely ignored by management. Soon after she complained to HR, her manager retaliated against her in an effort to force the client to quit her job. As a waitress, the client relied heavily on her tips from the tables she waited on. The General Manager purposely assigned the client to work shifts and areas that were much less profitable than the regular shifts and areas that she enjoyed before she complained. The change in the client’s schedule resulted in lost income to the client and was clearly done with the intention of sending a message to her and other employees: don’t complain about harassment. Not only did the General Manager punish the client financially, he also created a hostile work environment, designed to make her quit. The client ultimately quit and contacted employment lawyer Robert S. Norell to discuss her options. It was quickly determined that the client had a textbook sex harassment/retaliation case. This case was litigated and the hotel restaurant ultimately settled the case and paid money to compensate the client for what she endured. If you have experienced retaliation or harassment of any kind in the workplace, employment attorney Robert S. Norell may be able to help. Call for a free case evaluation.

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