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“Union-Busting Bill” Passes Florida House

By Robert S. Norell |

On March 30th, legislation attacking the rights of employees to form labor unions passed the Florida House, but at this time, fortunately is not predicted to pass the Senate. The legislation targets Florida public school teachers, state and local government employees, bus drivers, nurses, and many others. In 2016, close to 600,000 Florida citizens… Read More »


U.S. Supreme Court to Decide On Workers’ Rights in Employment Contracts

By Robert S. Norell |

Recently, the U.S. Supreme Court agreed to hear a case that could have an impact on employment agreements and employee rights under labor laws, such as the National Labor Relations Act, on a broad level. Specifically, the appeal was submitted by Epic Systems, which lost its case in the Seventh Circuit concerning its mandate… Read More »

Workers Sue for Not Being Classified As Official Employees

By Robert S. Norell |

A lawsuit filed against Amazon.com on October 4th marks the latest case filed against companies for allegedly violating federal labor laws by classifying them as contractors rather than employees, arguably so that the companies can avoid paying overtime compensation for various work-related expenses. This is likely an issue we will see come to the… Read More »

Is Your Employment At Will?

By Robert S. Norell |

When you are hired at a new company, you would imagine the terms of your employment should be fairly clear. However, you would likely be surprised at how many people are unsure of whether they are employed “at will.” At-will employment means that either you or your employer can decide to end the employment… Read More »

How Employers Should React to the Zika Virus

By Robert S. Norell |

Many headlines in recent months have been about a virus called Zika reaching the United States. Zika is widely associated with traveling to certain tropical regions of the world, but now cases have regularly been showing up in U.S. hospitals. This also means that people with Zika may be present in our workplaces and… Read More »

Employee Rights Regarding Personnel Files

By Robert S. Norell |

Florida is not known for having comprehensive and beneficial labor laws. In fact, Florida laws fail to give many employees certain rights that are bestowed in many other states. Specifically, many employees in Florida do not even have the right to review their own personnel file. Personnel files can contain a wide array of… Read More »

Employment Rights Of Military Members

By Robert S. Norell |

Employment laws protect the rights of many different groups of individuals based on race, gender, age, disability, religion, and many other factors to work free from discrimination, harassment, retaliation, and wrongful termination. Another group of individuals that has specific employment rights under federal law is members of the United States Military and Reserves. Military… Read More »

Is Pregnancy Discrimination Increasing At Work?

By Robert S. Norell |

Decades ago, many employers were hesitant to hire or employ women of a certain age out of concern that they may get pregnant and leave the position to stay at home and raise children. Even if a new mother opted to keep working, employers often believed their focus would be elsewhere or that they… Read More »

Discrimination In The Tech Industry: Is There An App For That?

By Robert S. Norell |

Employment discrimination based on gender, race, and other protected factors can exist in any industry, however, certain industries tend to favor certain types of employees. Whether that favor is intentional or not, it can often lead to unlawful discrimination or harassment against certain demographics in the workplace. The tech industry has traditionally been dominated… Read More »

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