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Florida Department of Labor

Where’s the Florida Department of Labor? How can you get in touch with the labor board in Florida? Search all you want, and you’re not going to find it. Go ahead, Google it and see what you find. The real reason is that there is no Florida Department of Labor or Florida Labor Board. There is, however, the Federal Department of Labor (DOL), which has several offices in Florida. But you won’t have any luck getting the Department of Labor to help you with anything but federal (Fair Labor Standards Act) wage violations for unpaid overtime and unpaid minimum wages.

The DOL is also supposed to assist workers who complain of gender based pay differential (Equal Pay Act), unsafe work conditions (OSHA), family medical leave (FMLA), and some less known issues like continued health insurance coverage after termination. If you’ve ever tried to contact the DOL, you know that its not the easiest governmental agency to reach. Truth be told, the DOL is extremely inundated with calls and has a real hard time keeping up with the workload. I’ve heard of cases where it takes the DOL several weeks, if not months, before they will even get to your claim. So what does this mean for workers in Florida? Call a private attorney!!! You’re much more likely to get immediate assistance from a private attorney then you will from the DOL. In addition, a private attorney has much more incentive to help you that the DOL because the private attorney is working for you under a contingency agreement, meaning that there is no attorney’s fee unless there is a recovery.

So the next time you reach out to the Department of Labor, try calling a private attorney. You may be surprised just how quick you’ll get some help.

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