Unpaid Wages (Including Commissions)

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A claim to recover unpaid wages can potentially be brought under the Fair Labor Standards Act or “FLSA” (a federal law) as well as the Florida Minimum Wage Act (Florida law).

There are a variety of potential claims for unpaid wages in Florida, the most common claims for unpaid wages include:

  • Failure to pay minimum wage ($7.25 per hour as of July, 2009);
  • Unpaid commissions;
  • Unpaid Bonuses;
  • Final Paycheck;
  • Failure to compensate employees for vacation time earned.

Employees who are owed unpaid wages in the past may be entitled to:

“Back Wages” for the full amount of overtime pay owed by the employer (Example:, plus;
“Liquidated Damages” or double damages in the same amount as the past overtime wages (Example: Recover $10,000 in overtime then recover an addition $10,000 in Liquidated Damages).

“Attorneys Fees & Costs” – The FLSA requires employers to pay the employee’s fees & costs if the employer loses the lawsuit. We handle cases on a contingency fee basis and seek attorney’s fees and costs from the employer.

If you feel you’re owed unpaid wages or commissions, please call us at 954-617-6017 or use the contact form at right to contact Rob Norell for a free consultation regarding your rights.

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