The Law Offices of Robert S. Norell, P.A., deals with all aspects of employment law in the State of Florida, concentrating on helping employees who may have been illegally denied overtime wages, or possibly not paid at all. You can find a full list of our areas of practice here. Our goal is to inform employees of their rights and to help you enforce your rights.

Countless employers have denied their employees wages at some time or another. There are many employers who misclassify employees as being exempt under the Fair Labor Standards Act ( FLSA ), a Federal law requiring employers to pay overtime pay to its employees for any hours worked in excess of 40 hours per week.

If you have worked overtime without getting paid time and a half (1.5 times your regular hourly rate of pay), and you are not excluded under the FLSA, then you have a valid claim. Successful litigants are entitled to the overtime wages that you should have been paid, interest and attorneys fees. The Court may award you an additional amount of “liquidated damages” equal to the amount of overtime that you should have received. It’s possible to go back two, sometimes even three years to recover unpaid overtime wages. Are you owed overtime wages? Click here to access our overtime calculator to see how much you could be owed!

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